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Public Release 30/11/22 (CharPad C64 Pro 3.40)

- Added: Text Import Map (ASCII) - now (also) available on the Win32/64 versions.

- Added: Program settings are now saved/loaded using an ini file (currently this only saves/loads the last used window position/size).

- Added: Main form - the 'View' menu now has a 'Reset Parent Window' item on shortcut SHIFT + F12.

- Added: Compression (form) - option "Sort chars by usage frequency (descending)", ie. by the number of occurrences in the tile-set or map.

- Added: Compression (form) - option "Sort tiles by usage frequency (descending)", ie. by the number of occurrences in the map.

- Added: Main form - Export Binary - "Flexi-Gridded Sub-Maps (8-bit, consolidated)", exports all sub-maps to a single binary file.

- Added: Snapshot Ripper - Separate controls for L2 attributes (previously the "Read L2 attributes" checkbox was required for switching).

- Added: Binary Export - Materials Only.

- Added: Key Maps - C16 ROM.

- Fixed: Text Import Map (ASCII) - page was not cleared before import + several other issues with wrapping, new lines, max size etc.

- Fixed: Map Editor - cropping ie. the lower part of a vertically scrolled (down) map could result in a map picture using an invalid scroll offset (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Char Editor / Tile Editor - there were some issues when using zoom (CTRL + wheel) when the scrollboxes are in "scroll mode" (.NET).

- Fixed: Char Editor / Tile Editor - zoom ops (CTRL + wheel) were not functioning when over the image (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Map Editor - There was a problem with the temporary 'Pan' mode (hold SPACE) not working after using the Picker tool or the MIDDLE button (.NET).

- Fixed: Map Editor - Text Entry, the Delete key op was only using char '0' as "blank" when scrolling the row, ie. creating @'s with some key maps (.NET).   

- Fixed: Project Palette (form) - when a project was opened, the default pen (Fg) is selected but the corresponding colour source was fixed (Colour Matrix). Now the colour source is adaptive to the project's actual display mode and the default pen.

- Fixed: Project Palette (form) - Display Mode conversion from TextECM to BitmapHR was incorrect (when not using per-char colouring).

- Changed: Compression (form) - tidied up the layout and wording.

- Changed: Map Editor - replaced the hint shown by the Hint button with a few more useful ones.

- Changed: Key Maps and Key Map Reference examples - renamed/replaced the partial "C64 ROM" sets (x64/x91) with the full (256 char) sets.

- Changed: Replaced colour names like "Screen", "MC1", "MC2" with "BG0", "BG1", "BG2", this is more in line with original documentation.

- Changed: Binary Export - Flexi-gridded sub-maps - location [y,x] part of the file names are now min 2 digits each with a leading zero.

                           nb. this is for the benefit of MacOS which is not able to sort numerically in the same way as MS Windows.   

- Changed: Project Palette - 'Luminance Order' is now disabled for TextMC mode as it only allows 8 colours and looks quite strange.

- Changed: Help files - updated the VIC-II library code.


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Nov 30, 2022

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