CharPad Pro 3.20

Public Release 15/6/22 (CharPad Pro 3.20)

- Added: Image Import (form) - option, paste from clipboard.

- Added: Image Import (form) - the "remove duplicate chars" option now also resets unused (matrix) colours providing better compression, especially for bitmap images. 

- Added: Snapshot Ripper - menu item "Configure Project for Bitmap Picture Ripping" to automate the necessary configuration for fullscreen (bitmap mode) picture ripping.

- Added: Snapshot Ripper - now has a 'Refresh' menu item + button (or F5), sometimes needed if ie. the user changes the char/tile quantity.

nb. previously it was necessary to ie. move a scrollbar to force a refresh.

- Added: Snapshot Ripper - 'Lock map data' checkbox, useful when ripping fullscreen bitmaps (map data must usually be kept incremental from 0). 

- Added: Main form - menu item "Clear MRU list" (MRU = "Most Recently Used").

- Added: Main form - added a shortcut for the image importer to the Tools menu.

- Added: Help - updated the Snapshot Ripper page and added some tips for ripping bitmap images.

- Added: Example - Creatures (1990) + a few new image imports.

- Fixed: Map Editor - there was a problem with the use of the SPACE key to temporarily engage the Pan tool (.NET).

- Fixed: Image Import (form) - file open dialog, "all supported formats" filter was not appearing.

- Fixed: A fault was found in the CTM5 project loader preventing untiled projects from loading properly, instead giving them a blank tile-set and map. 

- Fixed: Char Editor / Char Set (forms) - colour swapping was not available in bitmap (MC) mode.

- Fixed: Compression/decompression - neither were (pre) checking/correcting invalid references in tile/map data.

nb. some problems became apparent when run after using the snapshot ripper (a good source of introducing invalid data!).

- Fixed: Improved the quality and speed of the bilinear interpolation scaling (Win32/64).

- Changed: Project files batch updater - moved to the 'Tools' menu.

- Changed: Swapped the default "screen matrix" colours (yellow/orange) to give a "light on dark" scheme when going into hi-res bitmap mode.

- Changed: Modified the message dialog offering (tile) decompression to provide a better explanation.


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Jun 15, 2022

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