CharPad Pro 2.86

CharPad Pro - What's New?

Public Release 20/4/21 (CharPad Pro | All)

- Fixed: A problem was found with the use of the CTRL+O shortcut (open file) depending on which child form was active (.NET).

- Fixed: A source of possible memory leaks was found in the undo/redo system (Win32/64).

- Added: Char Editor / Tile Editor - Decimal and hex value of item is now shown in the status bar.

- Changed: General - Most of the "ding" sounds made when hitting return/enter in text entry controls have been silenced.

- Changed: Flexi-grid settings - 'Line colour' changed from radio-buttons to a combo-box with colours shown.

- Changed: A few changes to the icons and their display so they look ok on both themed/unthemed desktops (W32/W64).

Public Release 20/2/21 (CharPad Free | All)

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - A crash could occur if ripping a tile-map when fewer than 256 tiles present.

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - A crash could occur when changing the tile data format from the default (RLTB).

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (.NET) - A crash could occur if summoned from the menu (main form) while already open/visible.

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (W32, W64) - XOR/ROR cipher fields had no effect.

- Fixed: Colour Settings Dialog (W32, W64) - Manually entered values had no effect.

- Fixed: Tile Set form (W32, W64) - the 'Tile Size' combo-box (on toolbar) could flicker during a form resize.

- Added: Loading of a project file passed as a start-up parameter (ie. project file dropped to program icon, W32 & W64).

- Added: A couple of new ECM examples.

- Added: Blur filters (W32, W64).

- Changed: Prettied up the 'About' box (free edition).

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - Now records tile size, display mode, colouring method and colours for recall on subsequent uses.

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (W32, W64) - Address (offset) fields now show/accept hexadecimal input (same as .NET version).

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper form now appear in the top-right corner for better visibility of project data while using.

- Changed: Rendering performance greatly improved (W32, W64) for non-interpolated (unblurred) images.

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