SpritePad 2.90

Public Release 18/5/21...

- Fixed: Copy/Paste between instances was not working properly.

- Fixed: Tile Set - overlay flags were not preserved during resize operations (C#).

- Fixed: Animation forms - a source of memory leaks was found.

- Fixed: Animation forms - a blank frame was meant to be shown if start/end are both 0 (even if no blank exists).

- Fixed: Tile Editor - some of the toolbar buttons were showing incorrect hints (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Z-Rotator - a sequence of 0 was possible, producing a blank frame.

- Fixed: User Manual (help) could fail to open after opening a project (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Text Export - Sprites/Tiles - naming and formatting was not consistent between .NET/W32/W64 versions.

- Added: Each sprite can now be set to expand (double-size) in width and/or height where used (and possible) in tiles.

- Added: Tile Editor - now includes name/tag editing features.

- Added: Project file format SPD5 to support tile names and tag values.

- Added: Text Export - 'Tiles' now includes tile attributes.

- Added: Text Export - 'Tiles' and 'All' now include tile tag data.

- Added: User Manual (help) - Updated various pages.

- Changed: Renderer - restructured for increased performance.

Public Release 24/4/21...

- Fixed: Toolbar (all) image corruption when using Windows themes (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Anim GIF Export - using an odd border width could produce skewed images.

- Fixed: Anim GIF Export - image could flicker while adjusting settings.

- Fixed: A few minor issues/irritations/inconsistencies when Windows themes are enabled.

- Fixed: Z-Rotator - scrollbar tab size was not proportional to the # of angles (W32/64).

- Added: Z-Rotator - was not creating an undo snapshot after ops that replace current sprite.

- Changed: Z-Rotator - wording and actions adjusted to be more useful/intuitive.

Public Release 20/4/21...

- Fixed: There was a noticeable difference in playing speed between animations in SpritePad and exported GIF's.  

- Fixed: A problem found when scrolling a hi-res sprite image to the right.

- Fixed: A problem was found with ie. the use of the CTRL+O shortcut (open file) depending on which child form was active.

- Fixed: A source of possible memory leaks was found in the undo/redo system (Win32/64).

- Fixed: Colour settings dialog now does some dynamic layout of it's controls (fixes some Mono issues).

- Fixed: About-box dialog now does some dynamic layout of some of it's controls (fixes some Mono issues).

- Added: Two brand new executables written in C++ (Win32/Win64) to accompany the C#/.NET version.

          nb. These new executables are for Windows but may be more compatible on Mac/Linux systems running ie. WINE.

- Added: Animators - Toolbar button 'Reverse Play'.

- Added: Animators - More media-control buttons (jump to start, retreat, advance, jump to end).

- Added: Animators - Toolbar button 'Randomize current frames'.  

- Added: Tile Animator - now supports up to 256 animations (same as the sprite animator).

- Added: Z-Rotator - conversion/display in degrees.

- Added: Sprite Editor - Grid lines (on/off) toolbar button.

- Added: Help Files - A few additions/corrections.

- Added: Help Menu - System Information.

- Added: Sprite Editor / Tile Editor - Decimal and hex value of item is now shown in the status bar.

- Changed: General - Most of the "ding" sounds made when hitting return/enter in text entry controls have been silenced.

- Changed: Image Import - Simplified, ie. "Import Type" combo removed, Tile Size 1x1 now indicates sprite images only.

- Changed: Sprite/Tile Set - 'Create Animation' button moved to dynamic toolbar.

- Changed: Sprite Editor - 'Symmetry Lines' toolbar button renamed to 'Guide' + centre vertical removed for clarity.

- Changed: Menu merging - "Edit" menu replaced with "History" + active child form's menu is now inserted.

- Changed: Child form menus renamed from "Edit" to ie. "Tiles" for improved visibility/feedback.

- Changed: Item "Swap" op(s) changed to CTRL+LMB (was ALT+LMB), it was not working on Linux.

- Changed: A few naming/UI changes related to the VICE Snapshot Ripper.


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