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Public Release 20/2/21 (CharPad Free | All)

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - A crash could occur if ripping a tile-map when fewer than 256 tiles present.

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - A crash could occur when changing the tile data format from the default (RLTB).

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (.NET) - A crash could occur if summoned from the menu (main form) while already open/visible.

- Fixed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (W32, W64) - XOR/ROR cipher fields had no effect. 

- Fixed: Colour Settings Dialog (W32, W64) - Manually entered values had no effect.

- Fixed: Tile Set form (W32, W64) - the 'Tile Size' combo-box (on toolbar) could flicker during a form resize.

- Added: Loading of a project file passed as a start-up parameter (ie. project file dropped to program icon, W32 & W64).

- Added: A couple of new ECM examples.

- Added: Blur filters (W32, W64).

- Changed: Prettied up the 'About' boxes in the free editions.

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (All) - Now records tile size, display mode, colouring method and colours for recall on subsequent uses.

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper (W32, W64) - Address (offset) fields now show/accept hexadecimal input (same as .NET version).

- Changed: Emu Snapshot Ripper form now appear in top-right corner for better visibility of project data while using.

- Changed: Rendering performance greatly improved (W32, W64) for non-interpolated (unblurred) images.

Public Release 5/1/21 (CharPad Pro | W32, W64)...

- Fixed: Map Editor - Fill (random from available range, random from selected range) - neither was working properly.

nb. This fault was spotted/fixed on 5/1/21 and uploaded to replace the 4/1/21 release but displays the original date in "About".

Public Release 4/1/21 (CharPad Pro | .NET, W32, W64)...

- Fixed: Scroll bars could show incorrect state after a zoom op (CharPad Pro | W32, W64).

- Fixed: A few minor errors in the help files.

- Added: 64-bit build (CharPadPro_W64.exe)

- Added: Char Editor - The middle mouse button now functions as a colour picker (all tools).

- Added: Tile Editor - The middle mouse button now functions as a colour picker (when using a pen/flood tool).

- Added: Tile Editor - The middle mouse button now functions as a char picker (when using the char brush tool).

- Added: Map Editor - The middle mouse button now functions as a tile/char picker (all tools).

Public Release 18/12/20 (CharPad Pro | .NET | W32)...

- Fixed: Reflecting (L-R) multi-colour tiles with odd widths columns had a bug in the handling of the middle column.

- Fixed: Selecting a secondary item in the char-set could/would also change the secondary item in the tile-set.

- Fixed: All sets & map editor - Scroll bar thumb-tab size is now proportional to the amount of visible data.

- Fixed: Colour settings dialog now does some dynamic layout of it's controls (fixes some Mono issues). 

- Fixed: About-box dialog now does some dynamic layout of some of it's controls (fixes some Mono issues). 

- Fixed: Improved the child form positioning code.

- Added: Completely new port of the software written using C++/Win32 (CharPad Win32), primarily for WINE users. 

- Added: Help Files - Various additions/corrections.

- Added: Help Menu - System Information (.NET version only).

- Added: Import/Export (Image) : GIF (8bpp, 256 colour) support.

- Added: Map renderer - An optimization that allows simple replication of a previously drawn tile when possible.

- Added: Top/left margins around paint boxes to prevent concealment of the (red/yellow) current item indicators. 

- Changed: Menu merging - "Edit" menu replaced with "History", the active child form's own menu is now inserted right-most.

- Changed: Child form (merged) menus renamed from "Edit" to ie. "Char","Tiles" etc for improved visibility/feedback.
- Changed: Emulator Snapshot Ripper: form is now non-dialog, meaning you can now access all other forms while using it. 

- Changed: Tile Editor - The 'Name' field now allows any character apart from SPACE.

- Changed: Import/Export (Text) - Sub-map labelling changed to [y,x] format, was [x,y].

- Changed: Map Editor - Selector tool/Text Entry - If a single cell is selected, transformations will now affect the whole map.

- Changed: Map Editor - 'Clear' op is now always available regardless of which tool is active.  

- Changed: Several keyboard shortcut changes for the benefit of Linux/WINE ("ALT + Key" combos were problematic).  

- Changed: Text Export (All) - Removed the (dummy) address constants from the listing.

- Changed: A few alterations to the menu/toolbar icons.

Public Release 24/7/20...

- Fixed: Tile Editor - There was a problem when using per-char colouring and pixelling colours > 8.

- Fixed: Project Palette - The colour palette images were darker than they should be (Pro).

- Fixed: Tile Set - 'Paste Over' was not updating the image.

- Fixed: Map Editor - There were problems with the Delete and Clear ops (DEL key) when using the Text Entry tool (Pro).

- Fixed: Main Form - There was a problem when cancelling the 'Open Project' dialog.

- Added: If project files have been associated with the executable, they will now load when opened.

- Added: 'Save Project' menu item.

- Added: Internal 'Unsaved changes' flag and an indicator (*) in the title bar to indicate unsaved changes.

- Added: Warnings/confirms about unsaved data when/where applicable.

- Changed: 'Save Project As' toolbar button changed to perform 'Save Project'.

- Changed: The Exit confirmation prompt will only be shown if there is unsaved data.

- Changed: Revamped the image import code, 171 of 172 test images imported successfully.

- Changed: All examples re-organized and updated to CTM7 format.

Public Release 16/6/20 (Pro Edition)...
Public Release 12/6/20 (Free Edition)...

- Fixed: There was a problem with the selected range after a cut/delete.

- Added: The free edition now includes tile naming/tagging features.

- Added: Active Colour keyboard shortcuts (F1-F5).

- Changed: Previous/Next item shortcuts changed to CTRL + LEFTCURSOR / CTRL + RIGHTCURSOR (was F1/F2).

Public Release 16/5/20...

- Fixed: Export All (Binary) - There was a bug in the code that handles the folder history file.

Public Release 26/4/20...

- Fixed: Open Project (CTM4) - There was a bug causing the char colours to not be set properly/entirely.

- Fixed: Open Project (CTM2) - There was a bug causing a crash when reading a project using a 1x1 tile-set.

- Fixed: Tile Editor - Undo/Redo were resetting the tile cell selection rectangle.

- Added: Support for the VIC-II 'Extended Colour' (ECM) video mode.

- Added: Char Set - Assign Colours (incremental/random).

- Added: Binary Export (All) : Folder path dialog with recorded history and cleaning/clearing of history.

- Added: Updated the help files.

Public Release 11/3/20...

- Fixed: There was a problem with using the space-bar shortcut for map panning (multiple toolbar buttons checked).

- Fixed: There was a problem with using the space-bar shortcut for map panning (random jumping).

Public Release 10/3/20...

- Fixed: Copy/Paste between program instances was not working properly - it only worked for the first copy/paste.

- Fixed: Toolbar buttons - it was possible to deselect all.

- Fixed: KeyMap Reference example 'Subscii x37' still had 48 characters available.   

- Added: Tile Editor - Scroll, Flip and Reflect ops can now work on a selected tile area (image mode).

- Added: Tile Editor - Scroll, Flip and Reflect ops can now work on a selected tile area (cell mode, use SHIFT).

- Added: Tile Set - Scroll, Flip and Reflect ops can now work in 'cell mode', use SHIFT.

- Added: Tile Editor - Click on any (blank) form region to de-focus text boxes.

- Changed: Major rewrite of the tile editing library to simplify things behind the scenes.

- Changed: Shortcuts for all 'Negative' ops changed to CTRL+SHIFT+N, CTRL+I seemed to be having some issues.

- Changed: Tile name/tag fields removed from the main toolbar and put back in the tile editor (a Thalamus Digital request).

Public Release 29/2/20...

- Fixed: Map Editor - Text Entry - the highlighted area was not following the cursor.

- Added: Map Editor - press/hold SPACE to temporarily engage the 'Pan' tool.

- Added: Tile Editor/Set - Scroll Up/ Down/ Left/ Right with SHIFT key held to scroll the tile(s) cells, not the pixel data. 

- Added: Map Editor - Fill (random, from selected range).

- Added: Map Editor - Fill (random, from available range).

- Added: Tile Editor - Select All/ Clear/ Cut (rectangular areas of char cells). 

- Added: Tile name/tag editing now creates undo snapshots on RETURN/ENTER.

- Changed: Tile Name and Tile Tag fields have been moved from the Tile Editor to the main form's tool bar and can now also
           be used by the Tile Set form.

- Changed: Tile Cut/Copy/Paste shortcut keys have been changed to CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+V.
           nb. They were using ALT due to some conflicts with the textbox shortcuts, these are now resolved.

- Changed: Flexi-Grid default line thickness changed to Thick.

- Changed: 'About Box' graphics.

Public Release 19/2/20...

- Fixed: There was a bug in the code that handles copy/paste between program instances.
         (After using Copy it was not possible to change ie. the map dimensions).

- Added: Tile Editor - Select / Copy / Paste (rectangular areas of char cells). 

- Added: Example map - 'Excursion (4x4)'.

- Changed: Made a few of the toolbar icons a bit clearer.

- Changed: The toolbars now show slightly larger icons.

- Changed: 'About box' - adjusted the colour scheme.

Public Release 12/2/20...

- Added: Ability to copy/paste between program instances. 

- Added: Colouring method conversion from per-char to per-tile using reasonable measures/tests/warnings.

- Added: Compressor - Sort tiles by colour (ascending).

- Added: Compressor - Radio button groups for the sorting options to avoid conflicting choices. 

- Added: Improved graphics in the 'About Box'.

- Changed: Version number forwarded to 2.6 to better reflect the amount of work since the last public release.

Private Release (Thalamus) 7/2/20...

- Fixed: There was a problem (crash) when when cancelling the image import dialog.

- Added: Minor updates to the help pages.

- Changed: The 'View' menu can now be used to hide forms as well as show/select them.

- Changed: A few changes to the 'About Box' text etc.

- Changed: Tile names can now be up to 32 characters in length.

- Changed: The icon/logo for CharPad "Thalamus" Edition has been re-coloured to distinguish it from the standard version.

           nb. you may need to close explorer, open a command line (cmd.exe) and "del /a iconcache.db" 
           from "C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local" and open a new explorer (explorer.exe) to see the change.
           nb. you can hit "CTRL+ALT+DEL" then choose "Start Task Manager" to begin this process (Windows 7).

Private Release (Thalamus) 2/2/20...

- Fixed: The current tile name/tag was being copied to all selected when cycling back/forward.

- Added: Compressor - Now resets (char) colour in characters that don't use their assigned colour.
         Example : Mayhem in Monsterland - Cherryland Sad, char set reduced by 11 chars after a decompress/re-compress.

- Added: File Import/Export >> "Other >> Export Project (CTM version 5)..." - for some backwards compatibility.

- Added: Quote characters around tile names when displayed in the status bar (tile-set, map editor).

- Added: New font - "Rainchild".

- Added: A few of the old fonts have been brought into "keymap compliance" and included.

- Added: Key map "Subscii x37" for the benefit of more minimal alphanumeric sets.

- Changed: Most of the (tiled) Subchrist examples now include tile names.

Private Release (Thalamus) 29/1/20...

- Fixed: There was a problem with the tile naming feature not processing the backspace/delete keys properly.

- Fixed: There was a problem with the tile tagging feature also changing the names of all selected tiles.

- Fixed: There was a problem with the project palette showing the wrong char colour when using "per-tile" coloured tiles.

- Changed: Tile Editor - Any changes to the tile name/tag are now applied to the selected range. 

Private Release (Thalamus) 27/1/20...

- Fixed: Image import - The selected image file was not being released after use.

- Fixed: Map editor - There was a problem with the scroll position after maximizing the window.

- Fixed: Compress/Decompress - There was a problem when decompressing non-square tiles.

- Added: Colour palette editor - YUV colour editing, load/save palettes, more filters etc.

- Added: Map data exports - file names now include the map dimensions + grid coordinates for sub-maps.

- Added: Binary export - 'Export All' option.
- Added: Binary export - Flexi-gridded sub-maps (8-bit).

- Added: Binary export - Selected map area (8-bit).

- Changed: File Import/Export Menus - new arrangement and file naming alterations.

Private Release (Thalamus) 16/1/20...

- Fixed: Form update timer was running too slowly, repeating ops such as Prev/Next should be smoother now. 

- Added: Colour palette editor (unfinished).

- Added: Compressor option : Sort characters by colour (ascending).

- Changed: Maximum tile size is now 10 x 10.

Private Release (Thalamus) 20/12/19...

- Added: Map editor - Tile name and tag info in the status bar (all tools apart from Pan and Text Entry).

- Added: Help Files - Updated form documentation with some of the new features.

Private Release (Thalamus) 16/12/19...

- Fixed: Map editor - Form was not updating properly after some ops that affect map size.

- Fixed: Map editor (text entry) - RETURN was not working if used on the bottom row. 

Private Release (Thalamus) 16/12/19...

- Fixed: Map editor (text entry) - DELETE op was not "scrolling in" the correct space value.

- Fixed: Map editor (text entry) - Menu shortcut CTRL + DEL (clear) was not working.

- Added: Mouse wheel + CTRL to adjust zoom level (all editors and sets).

- Added: Map editor - Scroll, Flip, Reflect ops now affect the whole map if only a single cell is selected.

- Added: Map editor - 'Delete Row' and 'Delete Column' menu ops.

- Added: Map editor (text entry) - 'Pg Up' and 'Pg Dn' keys can now be used for navigation.

- Added: Map editor (text entry) - Vertical scroll bar now tracks the cursor when it moves "offscreen".

Private Release (Thalamus) 5/12/19...

- Fixed: Tile editor was not painting with the "space" char on RIGHT mouse button.

- Added: Tile Set now shows the name and tag value of the tile under the cursor (in the status bar).

- Changed: Char editor - brush/flood actions no longer create unnecessary undo snapshots.. 
           ie. multiple left-clicks of the same pixel etc, undo's are only made when the image changes. 

Private Release (Thalamus) 2/12/19...

- Added: Map editor - Picker tool can now pick a "space" char/tile using the RIGHT mouse button.
- Added: Assignment of a "space" char/tile is now automatic when a Key Map is selected (Project Palette).
         nb. As long as a char/tile of the required value exists in the project.  

- Added: Tile Set - User selectable "current blank/eraser" item, select using RIGHT mouse button.
         nb. Item "swaps" are now performed by LEFT mouse button + ALT key. 

- Added: Char Set - User selectable "current blank/eraser" item, select using RIGHT mouse button.
         nb. Item "swaps" are now performed by LEFT mouse button + ALT key.

- Added: Map editor - The DELETE key now drags text from the right of the cursor (same row only).

- Changed: Key Map selection is now available on the Project Palette (moved from the main form's menu).

Private Release (Thalamus) 25/11/19...

- Fixed: VICE Snapshot Import - Wasn't working properly if initiated after loading a project.

- Fixed: Tile editor - Tag value (UpDown) no longer accepts unusable characters.

- Fixed: CTM v4 projects that use (compressed) 1x1 tiles were having some problems loading/converting.

- Added: Map editor - Selector Tool - Selected rectangle dimensions are now shown in the status bar.

- Added: Maps now contain a variable 'space' value that can change depending on the current key-char map.
         This will affect how text is deleted, cleared, cut etc and also what the mouse paints when the 
         RIGHT mouse button is used.

- Added: Map text entry : 'Key-char map' selection (main window/options menu) to allow choice between 
         conversion models when coverting from Unicode/ASCII (keyboard input) to the current project's 
         alphanumeric characters (eight options added).

- Added: Map editor - "Text Entry" mode.   

- Added: Map editor - Insert.. Blank Column, Insert.. Blank Row.

- Added: Map editor - Box highlighting of "current" cell (Selector tool).  

- Changed: Tile editor - Copy/Paste tile shortcuts are now ALT+C/ALT+V, this allows CTRL+C/CTRL+V to copy text.

- Changed: Tile Set form now shows tile under cursor in dec and hex.

- Changed: Char Set form now shows character under cursor in dec and hex.

- Changed: Image Export (Char Set), image width reduced to 32 cells (was 64).

- Changed: Map editor - Status bar now shows coord and cell value for all tools apart from "Pan".

- Changed: Improvements in rendering/gridding speeds.

Private Release (Thalamus) 6/11/19...

- Fixed: Various text entry boxes and "UpDown" controls no longer accept unusable characters.

- Fixed: Text/asm export - Char/tile usage stats now use 'txt' file extension as the default.

- Added: Tile editor - The "Name" field now accepts the DELETE key.

- Added: Tile editor/Tile Set - "Casing" features for tile names (menu items).

- Added: Tile editor/Tile Set - "Reset" features for tile names/tags (menu items).

- Changed: Text/asm export - Char/tile usage stats can now be exported independently.

- Changed: Several minor naming alterations to exported text files. 

- Changed: Tile editor - Coord and cell value (dec and hex) now shown when using the picker tool. 

- Changed: Map editor- Coord and cell value (dec and hex) now shown when using the picker tool. 

Private Release (Thalamus) 1/11/19...

- Added: Map editor - Previous/Next Brush (F1/F2).

- Added: Text/asm export - Char/Tile usage statistics.

- Added: Text/asm export - Named Tile Events (No Prefix/Suffix).

- Added: Current zoom level added to all editor/set window status bars. 

- Changed: Previous/Next Char/Tile now assigned to F1/F2.
- Changed: Tile name input now accepts '#','$','%' and '_' characters.

Private Release (Thalamus) 24/10/19...

- Fixed: Tile names/tags were resetting to defaults when tile dimensions were resized.

- Added: Next/Previous Image in Char editor and Char Set.

- Added: Next/Previous Tile in Tile editor and Tile Set.

- Added: Text/asm export - Selected map area (8-bit format).

- Added: Text/asm export - Flexi-gridded sub-maps (8-bit format).

- Changed: Text/asm export - Named Tile Events, labels no longer forced to use lower case.

- Changed: Tile name input no longer requires ENTER to be pressed. 

- Changed: Tile name input now rejects any keys apart from.. a-z, A-Z, 0-9, SPACE, BACKSPACE, LEFT/RIGHT, ENTER.

- Changed: "Thalamus Digital" menu moved from "Tools" to "File>>Export>>Text/Asm".

Private Release (Thalamus) 18/10/19...

- Added: Tile naming/tagging features.

- Added: Tile "events" exporting (text file) based on tile names.

- Changed: Tile editor auto-sizing (min 2x2 char, max 5x5 char).

- Changed: Several minor naming alterations to text output (asm) files. 

- Changed: Export text (tiles) now includes tile tag values.

- Changed: "Clear" op keyboard shortcut for char, tile and map editors is now CTRL + DEL (DEL alone was interfering with string input).
           nb. this op shortcut is now the same for all windows, DEL alone is only used to delete from char/tile sets.

Private Release (Thalamus) 29/8/19...

- Added: Flexi-Grid Settings : Choice of grid size units (Map Cells, Char Cells).
         nb. To export flexi-gridded sub-maps the selected units must be 'map cells'.

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Selected Map Area (16-Bit, Split).

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Selected Map Area (12-Bit, Split, Packed).

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Flexi-Gridded Sub-Maps (16-Bit, Split).

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Flexi-Gridded Sub-Maps (12-Bit, Split, Packed).

- Added: Proper/accurate warnings about potentially insufficient bit-depths for all tile and map data exports.

Private Release (Thalamus) 13/8/19...

- Added: Map editor - 'Flexi-Grid' feature + flexi-grid properties editor 'Tools/Flexi-Grid Settings'.

- Added: Mouse wheel functionality on map editor (vertical scroll).

Private Release (Thalamus) 8/8/19...

- Changed: Text/Asm Export - 16-bit map data export is now only available from the 'Tools/Thalamus Digital' menu.
           nb. Standard text exports only support 8-bit tile/map data.

Private Release (Thalamus) 5/8/19...

- Fixed: Image import (map) - major processing bottle-neck identified and fixed.
         The problem was causing the program to (appear to) hang when attempting to import large multi-colour images (ie. any Turrican map).

- Fixed: Text Export - If the project contains more than 256 tiles, 16-bit output is now automatically generated for map data (low/high byte tables). 
         nb. char maps (and tile data) are always written out as 8-bit data so may be clipped if the project contains more than 256 char images.

- Added: 'Tools/Thalamus Digital' menu item..
         ..all Thalamus Digital requested ops (deemed unsuitable for general inclusion) will appear here.

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Map (16-bit, Split).

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Map (12-bit, Split, Packed).

- Added: Map (area) Fill (Solid, With Current).

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Char Set.

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Tile Set.

- Added: Text/Asm Export : Map.

- Added: Map (area) Fill (Incremental, From Current).

- Added: Mouse wheel functionality on char-set and tile-set windows (vertical scroll).

- Added: Tile-set window : the current tile is now box-highlighted for improved visibility.

- Added: Char-set window : the current char image is now box-highlighted for improved visibility.

Private Release (Thalamus) 25/7/19...

- Added: Char picker tool to tile editor.

- Added: New content and reformatting of help files.

- Added: New Subchrist example "Plant Samples.ctm".

- Changed: Map and Tile data now uses 32-bits internally (previously 16-bits).. 
           ..images (maps) containing up to 500,000 character images can now be imported.

Public Release 3/4/19...

- Fixed: There was a problem when loading CTM V4 files that use a 1x1 tile-set and per tile colouring, such files are now properly converted to tile-less/per-char colouring.

- Fixed: There was a problem causing crashes when copying tiles larger than 5x5.

- Fixed: There was a problem causing crashes when importing map data that was smaller than the current map dimensions.

- Fixed: There were some issues with window positioning when the program was not maximized.

- Fixed: There were some issues causing crashes when de-tiling/re-tiling large maps to use smaller tiles (ie. Turrican/Rambo).

- Added: Character and tile editors now display the numbers of the current items.

- Added: 'Insert Blank' for char/tile set (with reference auto-correction).

- Added: 'Paste Overwrite' for char/tile set.

- Added: 'Paste Append' for char/tile set (simplifies pasting chars/tiles to the very end of a set).

- Added: 'Range Cycle' (forwards/backwards) for char/tile set.

- Added: 'Crop' for selected chars/tiles (with reference auto-correction).

- Added: 'Crop' for selected map areas.

- Added: 'Reverse Order' for selected chars/tiles.

- Added: Project data auto-correction on project load/save.

- Added: 'Reset Window Layout' menu option.

- Added: Open/Save (project) icons to the main toolbar.

- Added: Warnings about tile size mismatches when copying/pasting between projects.

- Added: Warnings when decompression is not possible due to excessive chars required (>65536).

- Added: Warnings on tile and map data exports about possible value clipping when a project contains more than 256 chars or tiles. 
         Exported binaries store only only 8-bit data.

- Added: Warning/correction when pasting map data with references not valid for the curent project.

- Added: Import/Export/Binary - Import char set attributes.

- Added: Import/Export/Binary - Import tile set attributes.

- Added: 'Reflect Left to Right' and 'Reflect Top to Bottom' for map data.

- Added: Scroll, Flip and Reflect operations for only the selected map area (when the Selection tool is enabled).

- Added: Map (area) Fill (Incremental, From Zero).

- Added: HTML help files.

- Added: A few additions and tweaks to the examples.

- Added: A folder of examples kindly donated by Saul Cross.

- Changed: Conversions between tiled/un-tiled projects process improved (no conversion offered if map blank + sensible map resizing).

- Changed: Complete code translation from C++/DotNet to C#/DotNet, a number of potential problems were exposed and fixed during translation and a great many improvements have been made to the program's internals.
           The switch to C# may also improve compatibility with 'Mono' for non-Windows operating systems?

- Changed: Clipboard operations on tiles now always handle pixel data (char images) not tile data, cutting/copying/pasting between projects should be improved as a result.

- Changed: If multi-colour mode is enabled, all four pens will now be available even if the selected item is high-resolution, a warning is given if attempting to draw into a high-resolution item with a multi-colour pen. 
           This allows the multi-colour pen colours to be modified without first needing to select a multi-colour item.

- Changed: The default (new) project is now an un-tiled one.

- Changed: When a project's tile system gets enabled, all child forms are now displayed.

- Changed: Duplicate tiles are now automatically removed when the tile system gets enabled.

- Changed: Smoothing of the tile-set and map images is now off by default.

- Changed: Map clipboard ops/area highlighting is now only available when using the selection tool.

- Changed: Menu and toolbar (main form) are now dynamic, available items will depend on which child form is active.

- Changed: 'Delete' for char/tile set (items are now removed not just cleared, with reference auto-correction).

- Changed: 'Cut' for char/tile set (items are now copied/removed, with reference auto-correction).

- Changed: 'Paste' for char/tile set (items are now inserted, with reference auto-correction).

- Changed: Bitmap image export of character set is now 64 characters wide (maximum, no longer fixed-width).

- Changed: Bitmap image export of tile set is now 16 tiles wide (maximum, no longer fixed-width).

- Changed: 'Paste (overwrite)' can now increase the set size when necessary.

- Changed: 'Cut' for char/tile editors has been removed (it's operations (clear/copy) are still available).

- Changed: Character editor is now sizeable and zoomable.

- Changed: Improved naming for file exports.

- Changed: Import/Export menus, Export items now appear before Import items.

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