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SpritePad C64 Pro is also available as a twin-pack with CharPad C64 Pro for a reduced overall price, for more info click here 

SpritePad C64 is a graphics data editing tool that facilitates the production of graphics data in a format compatible with the legendary Commodore 64 home computer.

The program accurately simulates the C64's video format and allows you to comfortably design sprite sets, tiles, fonts and animations for 2D video games and demos.

You can start a project from scratch using the built-in freehand painting tools or import and convert any existing bitmap image into a C64 compatible sprite or tile set using various tile sizes from 1 x 1 up to 8x8 sprites (64 different sizes).

SpritePad C64 has been in development since 2003 and has been widely considered an essential weapon in modern C64 game development ever since. 

Includes many great features such as...

  • Tile creation / animation.
  • Tile overlays.
  • High quality interactive image import.
  • Flip/Reflect/Scroll/Rotate all/any items.
  • Interactive ripping of graphics from VICE snapshots.
  • Animated GIF import / export.
  • VIC-II 'expanded' sprite support.
  • Colour palette editing in RGB, HSL and YUV formats. 
  • Copy/paste between program instances.


  • Portable apps, run on Windows or Mac/Linux using ie. WINE.
  •  Includes 3 executables,  Win32, Win64 and .NET builds.
  •  Buyers will have free access to all future updates of this product.

SpritePad Pro is also available as a twin-pack with CharPad Pro for a reduced overall price, for more info click here

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Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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One question. I want  to load some sprites done with a old version of the program but I can't. How can I rescue them ?

Export them as binary from the old version, import them as binary to the newer version.

Thx for the reply but it dones't import them well.
The high resolution sprites are ok but not the low resolution.
It is another way to do it?

I'm not sure quite which version you are trying to convert from but if it supports image export you could do it that way, alternatively use the binary method as suggested and just manually set each "low res" (multi-colour) sprite to multi-colour mode and maybe tweak the colours until they appear correct.

Thx for the reply again.
Is there no other way ? There are a lot of sprites and I want to do it in an easiuer way if possible.
The Spritepad could be 10 years old

Hi. This looks like an awesome tool! I've got a few questions before purchasing.

various tile sizes from 1 x 1 up to 8x8 sprites (64 different sizes)

Is 4x5 (4 sprites wide and 5 sprites tall) among the options?

Also, is it possible to import raw binary data (64 bytes per sprite)?  If not, what would be the closest that I must convert to, before I can import?



Yes both of these things have been supported for quite some time.

Your support would be enormously appreciated! Thank you :)